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- William James -


How to create a blog in 2022
I have struggled for more than 5 months on how to create a wordpress blog. I didn’t know where to buy the domain from, or what else do I need so I can actually start writing....
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30 Inspirational Quotes to Keep You Inspired
Whether is just a bad day and you need a bit of cheer up, or the news about the war between Ukraine and Russia are too overwhelming, these quotes might help you realise that in the...
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Why is it that men never seem to need or want anything? While it’s very easy to buy gifts for a woman, when it comes to the men in our lives – it’s not that easy....
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When it comes time to find the perfect gift for her, the woman in your life, – your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, best friend or daughter, it’s never easy, I know, that...
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Work in progress
Hello and welcome! The website is currently under continue construction so you will see a lot of changes around here. But soon I will start posting new and exciting recommendation that...
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Books worth reading that inspire you
We all know that knowledge takes you places. And what best way to get the knowledge if not by reading? I love reading, whenever I find a book that I resonate with I wont stop until...
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