How to create a blog in 2022

I have struggled for more than 5 months on how to create a wordpress blog. I didn’t know where to buy the domain from, or what else do I need so I can actually start writing. I made this post tohelp others that are trying to create a website or a blog and don’t know where to start, just like I didn’t.

You will need a domain and a hosting

Usually you find them both in the same place. Most companies that provides hosting are also providing domains, and not just that, in the hosting packages they offer free domains. A domain is your website name, just like mine is, yours can be anything that it’s gonna relate to what you want to post on your blog about, like an address. After you decided what is your website name you are gonna need hosting. Think about hosting as your house – you have your address, now you need a house to “live in” and than you need a theme for the website – like furniture for the new house.

After weeks searching for host provider and realising I chose the wrong one, I finally found Hostinger and my life was easier. They had a great deal of hosting for 4years and in that deal was a free domain as well, so I didn’t had to look in another place for it. I got the WordPress Starter but I think Business WordPress is a better option. The difference between them is the daily back-up and the staging tool. At first you are going to do a lot of changes and is best to have the daily backup so you don’t lose everything you’ve done. Staging tool allows you to do those changes private while nothing changes on your already published website.

Best domain to choose from is .com

Best domain to chose from is .com cause google will find it faster. Of course you can chose another one from – .info – .org and more. Usually domains are never yours so you will have to pay yearly from 0.99£ to 8.99£ or more. Hosting will be paid yearly as well or depends on the offer you chose.

In my opinion, WordPress is the best platform to work with especially if you are a beginner. There are a lot of YouTube tutorials that explain step by step how to create a website and how to make a theme that you like. That is where I found a video that helped me create my website from scratch. All I had to do was copy all he did in the video below:

There is nothing paid, that is what I used for my website and I wish I found it sooner, cause it helped me so much and now I’m just grateful for that.

Hope this helps and makes it easier to choose what is best for you. Good luck!

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